Seizures and Politics

The idea that such seizure powers can be used for political ends has not escaped the attention of the bureaucrats running the show. Frequently, such awesome powers have been used to silence unfavorable political views. One Missouri politician was quickly brought into line when he voiced his opinion against abortion. His campaign funds were frozen, forcing him to withdraw from the race. Similarly, the voice of a publisher in Connecticut was silenced. After printing stories that criticized the local police force, he was threatened with possible prosecution under the RICO acts. Such acts of aggression against those who do not see things in quite the same light as those in power happen all too often. Democracy has become a commodity available only to those in agreement with the establishment.

Naturally, politicians themselves are often immune from such unjust treatment. Instead, the agency responsible simply looks the other way. Whereas most would be subject to a government seizure if their 18 year old son is accused of selling drugs out of their family home, those in the employ of Big Brother are not. In 1992, the US District Attorney in Connecticut failed to begin forfeiture proceedings against Leslie Ohta, Assistant US Attorney, even in the face of such accusations. Ohta, on the other hand, had been far more diligent in arranging for over a dozen other properties to be seized from their owners. Apparently it did not matter that, as in the case of this government employee, many of the owners concerned had no knowledge of the illegal activity happening on their property. The message is clear.
Big Brother makes the rules, expects us to follow them but requires no such diligence from those in his own camp. Once you understand that this is a real life game of us against them, you will be better equipped to plan your strategy. Remember above all else that your government plays dirty. Once your government has set its sights on you, it will begin by opening a tax case or something of the sort against you. You will then have to prove your innocence. Your government is under no obligation to prove your guilt.
Having opened the case, it will proceed with some outrageous claim. This is merely the opening gambit. Usually you are hit with something too wild to believe. Why? Multi-million dollar tax evasion carries stiff prison terms in a lot of countries. In these initial stages, the enemy sometimes throws insider trading into the case for good measure, just to back you further into a corner. You naturally protest. This is what is expected. This is actually what the authorities want you to do. If they can get you furious so much the better. They want to see you go down fighting like a caged, crazed animal, because by protesting your innocence you inevitably vent your anger as well. You are not a multi-million dollar tax evader, nor are you an insider trader or whatever else they’ve thrown at you.
A common ploy in more barbaric countries is to charge you publicly with all these crimes by means of front page headlines and dramatic reconstructions on television. Before you even know what has happened, your face will be known far and wide for the worst possible reasons. A Danish friend of mine learned that his government was building a case against him when he saw his face splattered on the front page of that country’s largest newspaper. No papers had been filed against him formally. He had a clean criminal record at the time. The lies in the paper, fed to it by misinformed government officials with their own axe to grind, were never corrected. No one bothered to contact him for comment.
The US, commonly makes use of such maneuvers. Public prosecutors with large political ambitions wreck human lives without a second thought, simply to advance their careers. The more wins they can notch into their bedposts the better they look in the press. They win votes. You face the very real risk of losing everything. If you don’t look out for yourself and all that’s yours, you can easily become a stepping stone in some bureaucrat’s personal career plan.
Furthermore, although such practices may have been born in the US, they are quickly being exported to lands far and wide. Under the emerging New World Order, US bureaucrats will be able to tell everybody else what to do and how to behave. American federal agents have already conducted seminars for Polish, Czech and Hungarian public sector employees, demonstrating how to investigate so-called economic crimes. They have also conducted extensive training programs abroad, such as the three-year Justice Department operation supposedly conducted to boost the skills of Bolivian prosecutors. Increasingly, as foreign governments observe the success that dear old Uncle Sam experiences in his revenue collecting techniques, yet more foreign governments will abandon any and all idea of sovereignty and invite in US bureaucrats to show them the ropes of how to abuse the unsuspecting public.
Who pays for these far-flung schemes to massage the ego of those in the US administration? American taxpayers with hard earned tax dollars that could be better spent at home. Big Brother confiscates your private earnings, then goes on a wild spending binge that stretches from eastern Europe to the jungles of South America. In doing so, your freedom is inevitably limited. Those lucky enough to not be American can breathe easier for the moment, but times are changing. Don’t be surprised when this sort of draconian program emerges without notice in your backyard. If you want an idea of what the future might be like, just look at some of the lengths dear old Uncle Sam has gone to in the past few years in his continuing effort to move money out of the private sector and into the hands of Big Brother.