Governments Don’t Play Fair

The biggest lawbreakers of them all are governments. They routinely expect you to follow every petty decree they lay down, while they themselves break laws faster and more regularly than even the most hardened of criminals. Look at the so-called leader of the free world, the United States. This regime has been known to invade other countries illegally, kidnap foreign nationals, torture them, drug them and bring them unconsciously and against their will to the United States where they may or may not face a trumped-up trial.
However, kidnapping by government order is not exclusively an American phenomenon. Most governments will break the law if they feel they can get away with it. If you think that third world governments head the list of offenders appearing before the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, think again. Top defendants again and again include such “free” countries as England, Denmark and Germany, all on human rights abuses. When they claim innocence, don’t believe a word of it.
In the July 1990 edition of the American Journal of International Law (volume 84, no 3, page 712) Andreas F Lowenfeld (Charles L Denison Professor of Law, New York University) wrote:
I urge that no great faith be placed in assertions by the US government that abduction of persons who ended up in American custody were carried out solely by the police of the foreign country, that the United States had no knowledge of or participation in torture or that the foreign country really consented to the operation, though it could not say so publicly.
That you have been dragged out of your bed in a foreign country, kidnapped on government orders, then tortured and drugged by foreign agents is no defence either. In the case of France vs Argaud, the French government argued that the accused did not have standing to raise an international law argument, this privilege is apparently reserved for states only. This sentiment rings well with the traditional Latin line of thought that when push comes to shove, a citizen is simply property of the state. Cattle, if you will.
In America, this theory is put into practice on a daily basis by one of the most corrupt government organizations in existence, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Bloodthirsty bureaucrats in the employ of this organization can at present boast an almost one hundred per cent success rate in their quest to bend the public into willful submission. Their intimidation tactics are often so ruthless that one cannot help but wonder if many IRS agents learned the tricks of their trade from mafia kingpins.