The Death of Freedom

The government’s ultimate objective is to achieve control over every business and every individual. Violating your privacy (not just in financial, but in all matters) is a necessary preliminary step. Big Brother is much closer to achieving his dream of controlling all property than most people think. Going behind the headlines and the soundbites, most intelligent followers know by now that the war on drugs should really be renamed the war on citizenry. Its supporting tenets and its philosophy were around long before the notorious drug baron even existed. Its implementation started long before the United States came to consider drugs to be its number one problem.
The fact that the war on drugs is not even remotely about drugs is a point made by Professor Leonard Peikoff in his study The Ominous Parallels, subtitled “The End of the Freedom in America”. How far down the road America has gone to establish what is, in all important respects, a government that closely resembles a totalitarian dictatorship. The ominous parallels that Professor Peikoff refers to relate the modern American system to German Naziism. The deepest roots of German Naziism lie in three philosophic ideas: the worship of unreason, the demand for self-sacrifice and the elevation of society above the individual. Read these three ideas again. Does any of this sound familiar? It should The same ideas are now influential in America. They are shaping political, economic arid cultural trends. As a result, America today has betrayed its founding fathers and is moving ai an alarmingly rapid rate toward the establishment of a Nazi-style dictatorship.
To those brought up on the Time and Newsweek version of America as ever the land of the free, these ideas sound like a kooky shooting off his mouth. However, Professor Peikoff is not a fringe loony or some ignorant extremist. He is Ayn Rand’s longtime associate and her legal intellectual heir. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to understand who controls public opinion and how they operate read what Professor Peikoff has to say.
The fact that the war on drugs is not about drugs means that your civil liberties, once taken away, will never be reinstated, not even if the public were to one day wake up, smell the coffee and abandon this war as the lost cause that it is. After all, the war on drugs was only meant as an excuse in the first place. No one actually expected it to be taken seriously. The pretense that the government still has the right to snoop will be maintained, even when all other walls have fallen. Thus, all the money laundering laws that were ostensibly put in place to combat those ever-so-evil traffickers, will not fail. Tax enforcers simply like these laws too much to let them go.
Even if drugs were miraculously made legal one day, federal agents will not become human. Nor will they vanish. They will still be there and they will still have their mean streak, every one of them. Having lost their phony war may make some of them even more nutty upstairs. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) may undergo a face-lift, even a name change. Some of its most evil and trigger happy staff may be relocated to other federal positions. The targets may change, but at heart you will still have the same evil government with the same diehard goal, liberating you from your money.