The Death of Privacy

In the US in particular, this drug war is merely the excuse used by government so that it can legally pry into the privacy of anyone and everyone. Each year more legislation is passed that allows ever greater amounts of intrusion. At the same time, legislation is also introduced that severely limits the basic and fundamental rights of every citizen. In the name of the war on drugs, investigators who have never had the slightest interest in drug use whatsoever, can gain secret access to your bank accounts, examine your credit card files, review your phone records and study every check you have ever written.

When government agents claim that they are fighting a Holy War in the name of all that is good, they can convince even your closest family that you are a bad guy, if not a drug runner then at least a money launderer. Drug related crime is used interchangeably with money laundering, as if the two were the same. Together they become a convenient excuse that can convince anybody to forget your civil rights. As covered at greater length in the following part of this Report, constitutional rights no longer apply in many cases that appear before US courts. Even basic protections once thought to be absolute, such as the First Amendment right to freedom of expression or the Second Amendment right to bear arms, are often not recognized by the modem legal system.
Yet in spite of such draconian measures taken by government, most people accept its pleas that such action is necessary because of the war on drugs. They not only allow the government to strip them of even their most basic rights, but welcome such maneuvers. Do you really think that the politicians and bureaucrats in government care a great deal about the non-voting crack addict in Harlem? They know, however, that people can be worked up enough to be furious about the “drug threat” to their children.
New legislation is regularly introduced to systematically erase our basic right to protect our privacy. Nonetheless, time and time again we are told that such laws, inhumane as they may be, are necessary to combat crime. This let’s “stop crime now and forever” slogan is merely window-dressing, the sugar coating on a bitter pill that no free voter in the western world would ever swallow it if he were told the whole truth. Such tactics have been employed with such zeal that today almost any transgression on the part of government, no matter how grievous, can be hidden under the all encompassing umbrella of the drug war.
The plain truth is much simpler than the elaborate tales spun by government bureaucrats. Drug villains are a convenient enemy. Such an enemy is needed, particularly as their predecessor, the threat of global domination by Soviet style communism, is now dead. Sixty years ago, a man named Goebbels demonstrated to the world the effectiveness of inventing a fictitious enemy. He worked for another man named Adolf Hitler and was responsible for creating propaganda and misinformation. His policies managed to score support for even the most unstomachable of Nazi policies by directing hatred towards one group within society. The Jewish community and its invented international conspiracy was blamed for all that was wrong in post first world war Germany.
Similarly, in his novel 1984, George Orwell clearly shows the effectiveness of such techniques. In his portrayal of a possible future Britain, the government keeps its inhabitants in line and forces them to accept less than savory living conditions by focusing all of their energy on a largely fictitious enemy. It is indeed strange when fiction becomes reality, but the sad truth is that these same techniques are being perfected in the US today. Federal agencies and the US government use the popular media to whip everyone into a frenzy about some arbitrary enemy, whether it be Khomeni, Gaddhafi, Hussein or most recently the anonymous drug baron. When everyone is scared out of his wits, this “enemy” is used as an excuse for the removal of civil liberties. Personal freedom is banned, private money and property is stolen and financial privacy is tom down, all for the cause of defeating the “enemy”.