Only Succeed in Catching the Innocent

Although the US has introduced the most severe drug-trafficking and money laundering laws in the world, drug consumption continues to soar and major crime is still on the rise. What should this tell lawmakers? More importantly, what does this tell any intelligent individual? One thing is certain, these new laws and regulations do nothing to deter professional, ruthless criminals. Instead they nail the wrong victims, little people who do nothing wrong and who are certainly not crooks. This unknown side of the coin reveals that those caught in the net of reporting requirements, computer database surveillance and other spin-offs of the money laundering war are common folk. Continually, small independent businesses are victimized while criminals go free.
Those with reason to fear these new laws are small-time tax evaders and others who simply fail to notice that the world as they know it has suddenly changed. Belgian dentists who went to Luxembourg and hid a little gold left over from their fillings became victims of the new laws. So did Italian workers in Switzerland and Spanish moonlighters on Gibraltar. In short, the bureaucratic nets have time and time again captured the little guy who likes to hide a bit of his dough from the all knowing taxman. Many of those who have fallen into the new bureaucratic traps own a small import-export business or are self employed in some other way. Under the phony cry of the war on drugs, neighborhood firms, mom-and-pop stores, cottage industries and private professionals are routinely the ones who suffer. Many have already learned their lesson the hard way. The rest will soon, unless by reading reports such as this they learn to change their tactics.

By 1991, five years after the passage of money laundering legislation in the United States, the government had charged over 290 accountants, 151 CPAs and 225 attorneys. According to a recently released IRS survey conducted on the subject, most of these indictments eventually became successful convictions. Add to this list the more than 5000 tax-paying Americans who were audited and later sent to jail by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and you begin to get a true idea of what the war on drugs is really about. For every bona fide drug trafficker actually prosecuted, this bogus war has also nailed between 100 and 150 others, the actual number depending on the country surveyed. Again, these convictions are all brought about solely as the result of new laws supposedly introduced to stop drug barons.
The world today has more than two hundred countries. Half of these are either banking or tax havens. Of the rest, a number can be counted as financial centers. All countries have banks and banking regulations that differ. With more than two hundred places to choose from, smart criminals will always manage too get around the system in spite of any and all possible regulations or restrictions. Like rainwater, their money will always find a way to disappear. Once you understand this basic principle, you will also understand the real reason for this explosion in recent legislation. Governments around the world continue to pass these silly laws because victims are nailed every day. Only unlike the politicians lead us to believe, it is Joe Taxpayer, Johnny Lunchbucket, Jane Homemaker and all their well-meaning pals who get caught in the system.

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